About Us

Please remember that all members of the QOVF staff are VOLUNTEERS who donate their time and talents.

QOVF Structure Along with Volunteers

QOVF Board

Catherine Roberts

Susan Gordon
Executive Director

Ginny Manning
Treasury Services Coordinator

Sharon Ledbetter

Assistant Executive Director

Laura Winckel
Director of Membership

Jeff Thorne
Coordinator of Donor Relations


Marketing/PR Coordinator

Marianne Elliott
Newsletter Managing Editor

Betsy Podriznik
Special Events Coordinator

Coordinator of Volunteer Training


Quilt Shop Relationships/Development Coordinator

Jim and Joan Wobbleton
Longarm/Topper Coordinators

Barbara Conner
Individual Requests Coordinator

Deanna Bryce
Destination Coordinator

Bruce Pouliot
IT Director

Julia Schroeder
Information Desk Coordinator

Karla Locke
Social Media

Hannah Bailey
Youth Liaison

Regional Coordinators